Helping Families

Stay Invested Together

Strategic insight and guidance for

family offices and family businesses

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The Challenge

A Period of Tremendous Change

Raises Tough Questions

  • Whether an ownership change due to generational transition or technological change driving a strategic evaluation, family owned companies are facing a period of unprecedented change.

These changes raise the question of What’s Next?

  • What is the family ‘glue’ if there is no operating company?
  • Does the family lose its desire to stay invested together?
  • Does the family know how to invest, as well as operate?


How We Work
With Families


Strategic Planning

  • Analyze current business holdings
  • Liquidity assessment
  • Long term organizational design
  • Multi-generational feedback

Investment Governance

  • Investment philosophy development
  • Determine decision making model for investment assets
  • Request for proposal process design and management
  • Family investor relations and communication

Family Office Design and Development

  • Client service model development
  • In-source vs. out-source analysis
  • Process development and improvement
  • Private trust company strategy


Who We Are

We help families stay invested together for the long-term by providing strategic insight, developing robust investment governance, and comprehensive design of the family office.  We leverage a nearly 15 year history focused on corporate strategy and finance.


Focused on serving the needs of family enterprise in a customized, high touch way

Family Expertise

Extensive work with families across generations, stages of life, and levels of sophistication

Right Background

Expertise in corporate strategy, investment analysis, and governance

Broad Network

Extensive network of family offices, service providers, and specialists

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