Family Capital Strategy

About US
We serve as thought partners with executives and leaders of family offices and family-owned/controlled companies.

Our background in consulting with top private equity funds, sophisticated public equity investors, and family businesses, brings a unique perspective to the questions families face.

01. Conflict Free

We are implementation agnostic, and are not a wealth or asset manager.  Our goal is the right strategic solution regardless of the ultimate service provider

02. Bespoke and Pragmatic

Each engagement is customized to the unique needs of the family.  We are focused on moving the ball down the field towards an implementable solution

03. Cross-Generational

It is not unheard of to have 4 different generations gathering at the table to make decisions.  We work closely to understand each generation’s viewpoints and motivations and bring them into the decision making process.

04. Right Background and Network

Expertise in corporate strategy, investment analysis, and governance. Broad network of other family offices, service providers, and specialists.


Firm Leadership

David C. Wells, Jr.

Founder and CEO

With over 15 years of experience conducting strategic and investment analysis, David founded Family Capital Strategy in 2019. FCS helps legacy families create ecosystems where families thrive and future generations flourish. By determining strategic direction and developing strong family office platforms, families build the infrastructure necessary to accomplish their most critical goals. Previously, David was a Partner at a ~$1bn Registered Investment Advisor where he worked closely with families and institutions at the intersection of investment, strategy, and governance. David has and continues to serve in a broad range of governance roles. David is the Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Investment Committee for the private trust company of a large Midwestern family. Additionally, he serves on the board of another private trust company, and the investment committee of a family foundation. He has been recognized previously as one of Nashville’s Forty under Forty, as well as a recipient of a Nashville Emerging Leader Award – Financial Services Industry. In 2020, he was recognized by the Nashville Post as part of their All-Star Board.

THe Right Partner

Why Work with FCS?

Southeast Based

Located in Nashville, TN


We stay engaged on the strategic level and keep clients from getting caught up in the weeds

Team Mentality

We are comfortable working alongside existing advisors, family office staff and family leadership

Flexible Engagements

Able to work in hourly, flat-fee or retainer based engagements

Street SaVvy

We know where / how fees are hidden and are able to help our RFP clients get the best deal


Jargon Free

We know talking financials and strategy can quickly fly overhead.  We educate and make sure all owners can have their voices heard

Our Family Office Insights:

How Fast Must a Family’s Assets Grow?

One of the great challenges families face when allocating capital for the long-term is determining the right level of risk and return.  This is exacerbated further by the fact that many believe that the investment strategies of families are roughly analogous to that of the endowment and foundation community.

What a Family Office Does

The primary role of a family office is to help manage the complexity of a family of significant means. Best in class family offices pursue this end by either following a strategy of exceptional coordination or exceptional comprehensiveness.

3 Recommendations When Moving From Operator to Investor

The magnitude and significance of the change when a family moves from being predominately an operator of a business(es) to an investor in businesses cannot be overstated.

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