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Could King Lear Help Your Family Transition Power Better?

Photo by Pixabay on This summer, I was able to attend the most recent staging of King Lear at The Globe Theatre in London.  While,  I first encountered the play in college, coming to it close to 20 years later at middle age was eye-opening to say the...

The Data Confirms It – Family Governance Actually Works

Photo by Laura Musikanski on The world of family enterprise, family offices and family business is a highly dynamic and changing field.  In many ways, because of the field's newness, there have been lots of ideas, theories, old wives tales, rules...

Don’t Worry About Three Generations, Maybe Gen 6 is the Riskiest

Photo by Pixabay on "Oh emperor, my wishes are simple. I only wish for this. Give me one grain of rice for the first square of the chessboard, two grains for the next square, four for the next, eight for the next and so on for all 64 squares, with each...

What I Read in Q2’22

Photo by Ivo Rainha on Each quarter, I post a quick run-down of books I’ve read during the quarter. Please note that all links are Amazon affiliate links that may pay to me a very modest commission that I will promptly use to buy more books to read....

Waiting To Be Known – Anonymity In Your Twenties is Good

Photo by Emily Ranquist on Outdoor college commencements are like outdoor weddings - idyllic in theory, blue skies and a gentle breezes.  The reality is quite different - generally soul crushingly hot,  the heat serving both as crucible and kiln to those...

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