When Anything is Possible

Wealth and the Art of Strategic Living

What happens after you become wealthy?

  • Surveys of the ultra-wealthy indicate that most do not feel financially secure
  • 80% of trust beneficiaries view their trust as a burden, not a blessing
  • 50% of business owners are not happy after the sale of the business

However wealth arrives, whether made or inherited, it can be a disorienting and worrying experience.  There are a new set of nearly limitless choices to be made with limited guidance on how to make them.  Moreover, you may feel as if you face those choices alone, if  friends, peers, and family are not in similar financial circumstances.  What to do?

When Anything is Possible is the guidebook for the wealthy about how to engage strategically with their wealth.

Defining Your Wealth Identity

He is a great man who uses earthenware dishes as if they were silver,

but he is equally great who uses silver as if it were earthenware. It is the sign of an unstable mind not to be able to endure riches.


The previous chapter was about understanding the cards you have been dealt in terms of self/emotions/roles/wiring. We shift now to how to begin to play those cards. The natural place to begin is with what the corporate literature refers to as mission(why)/vision/values statements. At the outset, it is important to acknowledge the varying viewpoints and experience we all bring to those statements. Some of us come from strong corporate and organizational cultures where such statements are a part of a lived reality. For others, they were an exercise engaged in on a corporate retreat and landed on a bookshelf gathering dust. And yet for still others, they are a blunt instrument used at best to create culture—inauthentic—or at worst to brainwash.

But at its core, each statement serves a noble purpose. Mission statements are easy to get confused with vision statements, so I prefer to refer to them as why statements. They answer the question What are we doing all this for? Value statements accompany mission statements and talk about how we conduct ourselves. The mission statement combines with values then to inform and shape a vision, a statement of what the future could look like if we are successful in executing our mission within the constraints of our values. We will consider each statement in turn.

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Discover Your Wealth Identity

How you make decisions regarding your wealth is a direct output of your Wealth Identity.  A well-articulated Wealth Identity entails knowing one’s self and story – the parts of your background that directly impact how you think and behave regarding wealth.

Using that as the foundation, a Wealth Identity entails a a set of positive affirmations about your core purpose (or why), core values (how you will conduct yourself), and finally a vision of what the future could look like if your why and values are being lived out.

Only with a defined Wealth Identity can you ensure that your financial decisions are in alignment with what you find most important.


Advance Reviews of the Book:

David Wells is advising us in his superb book ”When Anything is Possible”, why and how to develop a wealth strategy for all five of ours and our families’ capitals: spiritual, social, intellectual, human and financial. He succeeds profoundly in teaching us how to understand each capital and its evolution toward its dynamic preservation and then to ours’ and our families’ happiness as a result.

James (Jay) E. Hughes, Jr.

Author of  “Family Wealth :Keeping it in the Family” and “Family: The Compact Among Generations” and co-author of “The Cycle of the Gift”, “The Voice of the Rising Generation”, ”Complete Family Wealth” and  “Family Trusts”

"David Wells’s “When Anything Is Possible” is an impressive debut. Taking cues from lions in the wealth industry like Jay Hughes and marrying them to modern thinkers like Daniel Kahneman within the framework of his own experience, David has authored an insightful guidebook for the wealthy. This is not a “Get Rich, Stay Rich” book. “When Anything is Possible” tackles the important problem of helping people define the role of wealth in their lives. Then, it provides the tools to help those people move forward in an organized way and build lives of purpose. This is now a permanent part of my reading list for clients and people in the wealth industry."

Frazer Rice

Regional Director, Pendleton Square Trust Company

Author and Host of “Wealth, Actually”

Book Launches on 1/12/21

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