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Fall 2020 - Exit Planning Institute - Family Offices: Not to be Underestimated

With the rising prominence and of family offices, more and more advisors are encountering them day-to-day, either as a potential buyer for one of their clients, or elsewhere. David will explore what to expect from this growing category of entities, and why the family office has increased so much in recent years. He will also discuss information that advisors need to know to help their clients and potential clients when working with family offices.

December 2020 - Webinar - Your Wealth After the Pandemic


Nov 2020 - YPO Webinar - Strategic Planning & The Family Enterprise

Families enterprises pride themselves on nimbleness and responsiveness to opportunity. Strategy as it is typically thought of seems stale for a dynamic marketplace – too many day-long retreats producing lengthy binders that are never touched again. We will look at:

  • What is strategy and what it is not?
  • How is it different in a family enterprise?
  • Why every family enterprise needs one
  • Obstacles to building a strategy within families
Aug 2020 - 21/64 - Family Office Gathering

Spoke regarding strategy of family offices in 2020

March 2020 - Private? Public? Or Both? Where to deploy capital in the midst of COVID-19?

The outbreak of COVID-19 has left the stock market extremely volatile, introducing a level of uncertainty that’s unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. With each day drastically different than the next, investors are left asking ”what should I do now?” Do I stay invested, possibly even increasing my exposure to the capital markets, or is now the time to reallocate to less-correlated private equity offerings?

Excelsior Capital President and Founder, Brian Adams will be joined by David Wells, Founder of Family Capital Strategy for a live discussion to determine what steps should be taken going forward.

Watch the replay here

March 2020 - Moderator - Family Office Connect 2020

Moderatored a fireside chat entitled “Working Across Generations, Impacting a Community” looking at multi-geneational giving within a family foundation at Family Office Connect 2020

March 2020 – Panelist – Family Office Connect 2020

Family Offices 101 – What is an Effective Family Office

at Family Office Connect 2020

Moderator – South Eastern Family Office Forum – “After Liquidity – What’s Next?”

Moderated discussion at South Eastern Family Office Forum

Keynote – Exit Planning Institute – “The Path of Prudence at the End of the Market Cycle”
Interview – Family Business Today Podcast – Family Governance

What it is and Why it is important for a family business to have a governance model?

Panelist – South Eastern Family Office Forum – “Passing Values Through the Generations”
Speaker – Consumption, Hospitality, and Wealth
Guest Post - Taking Care of Business

Guest Post – Bacon on the Bookshelf – Taking Care of Business  Why is it that some businesses are so wonderful to do business with and others so awful?

Guest Post - Dreaming a Bit Bigger About Education
Guest Lecture - "So You Want to be a Stock Picker"
Panelist - Investment Management and Legal Services

Panel discussion at Vanderbilt Law School about the legal world’s overlap with investment management.

Interview - The Wall Street Transcript

Rental Drives Builders Change in Cost Structure

Interview - The Wall Street Transcript

Financing Hurdles in Construction Equipment

Keynote - Economic Outlook for Nashville

Keynote presentation to the Associated Builders and Contractors

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