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Family Office Technology Map – 1Q’21 Edition

Family Office Software Map
PDF Version here

The financial technology space is one of the fastest growing and changing verticals of the software world. While there are many vendors focused on serving the financial advisory space, many are largely focused on the needs of Registered Investment Advisers, not the specific needs of the family office world. In this Family Office technology map, we have consolidated in a single page, common vendors we see and hear referenced in the single family and multi-family office world.

With COVID and the push to remote / virtual workforces, family offices need to comprehensively consider their technology stack and how the pieces interconnect. See also Why family offices will get tactical, digital and cultural in 2020. In the past family office technology was characterized by siloed vendors with limited data connection, along with platforms designed for the much larger mass affluent / high net worth markets. As a result, the available tools simply were not comprehensive enough to handle the sizable complexity of a family office and it many moving pieces.

Encouragingly, with the growth of family offices and the rapidly falling costs of software develop, family office technology has evolved significant in the last 5-7 years to provide improved reporting and significant enhancements in family office team productivity.

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