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Fifteen on Friday – The Week’s Best Articles – 02/24/17

This week’s highlights: Drone hunting eagles, drinking tea, the fall of the Euro, and the degree you should have gotten in college.

Food for Thought:

  1. GuardianUK – PPE: the Oxford degree that runs Britain. Oxford University graduates in philosophy, politics and economics make up an astonishing proportion of Britain’s elite. But has it produced an out-of-touch ruling class?
  2. TCHE – How the humanities survive on exploitation.  The near bonded labor of adjunct professors and PhD candidates is the great tragedy of higher education currently.
  3. HCIA – We All Want Healthcare To Cost Much Less — But We Are Asking The Wrong Question – Credit SF – Imagine this: Healthcare — the whole system — for half as much. Better, more effective. No rationing. Everybody in.
  4. AOM – A Man’s Guide to Brewing, Drinking, and Enjoying Tea – As a dedicated tea drinker, a friendly guide to restoring some needed respectability to this long standing cultural practice.
  5. Foxnews – Where Eagles Dare: French military using winged warriors to hunt down rogue drones


  1. WSJ – Can You Make Money in a Collapse of the Euro?.  In a euro breakup scenario, there are a few ways bond investors can protect against a redenomination into a devalued currency.
  2. Glossy – VC Eurie Kim: ‘Most fashion businesses don’t make good investments.’
  3. BI – United’s CEO cheated death a month into the job and is now leading the company in a battle to become America’s best airline
  4. TVG – Risk-Reward: Take $20 Million Now or Keep Growing?
  5. BD – Putting Some Numbers Around Amazon Prime


  1. HBS – Teaching the Patriot Way to Harvard MBAs.  The Cleveland Browns floundered under head coach Bill Belichick’s leadership. The New England Patriots have flourished under it. What accounts for the difference, and what can business students learn from it?
  2. QZ – A mathematician has created a teaching method that’s proving there’s no such thing as a bad math student
  3. WSJ – For Generation Z, ‘Live Chilling’ Replaces Hanging Out in Person.  Teens are finding their friends via video chat, in apps such as Houseparty, Fam and Kik.
  4. GQ – Queens of the Stoned Age – Credit SF – There are a thousand ways to buy weed in New York City, but the Green Angels devised a novel strategy for standing out: They hired models to be their dealers.
  5. BI – A food scientist explains why Doritos are the perfect snack

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