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The 4 Types of Family Office Investors and Which Are Likely to Close a Deal

Recently, Family Capital Strategy had the opportunity to provide a guest post for M&A Source on The 4 Types of Family Office Investors and Which Are Likely to Close a Deal.

A few snip-its:

Doing business with a single-family office (SFO) is not an easy proposition, even finding contact information for an office principal can be a daunting feat. There is a tension in how you think about family offices. Like Willie Sutton remarked about banks, you cannot disregard them entirely simply because “that’s where the money is.” But at the same time, their reclusive and nebulous nature makes dealing with them even more challenging.

There is a tremendous amount of wealth and growth being allocated by family offices. While a meaningful portion of these funds is invested in traditional equities and fixed income, a large and growing figure is allocated to private equity and, increasingly, the direct ownership of businesses. As you approach offices with opportunities, we have found the following framework to be helpful in understanding the whom you are interacting with – a 2×2 matrix comparing the level of commitment in direct investing and the sophistication of the team involved.

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