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The Best Articles of the Week – 01/20/17


Food for Thought:

  1. NYT – Some Colleges Have More Students From the Top 1 Percent Than the Bottom 60. Find Yours.
  2. Vox – How our housing choices make adult friendships more difficult
  3. WSJ – How to Treat an Opioid Epidemic.  Addiction isn’t an illness like any other. Patients need not just the right medicines but therapy, support and, in some cases, tough supervision.
  4. Medium – The Simple Truth Behind Reading 200 Books a Year
  5. NBJ – Massive ‘River North’ project could finally juice East Bank’s revitalization.  River North echoes a dominant theme of Nashville’s boom: ambitious out-of-state investors driving the rebirth of derelict or overlooked urban areas. As proposed, River North would overhaul 105 acres of industrial land into a mixed-use development that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars to create — at a scale so large that Mayor Megan Barry describes the project as key to fully harnessing downtown’s economic potential.


  1. WSJ – The Mortgage Market’s $1 Trillion Pocket of Worry.  Nonbanking firms take on bigger share of FHA-backed mortgages.
  2. SO – Wall and Fences: Breaking Down Barriers to Growth.  A helpful model as you consider the strategic direction of an organization.
  3. Economist – Adidas’s high-tech factory brings production back to Germany.  Making trainers with robots and 3D printers.
  4. Forbes – Meet Miami’s Renaissance Billionaire
  5. RA – The Confounding Bias for Investment Complexity


  1. GP – See How the Range Rover Evolved Over 48 Years
  2. RV – Giftology and Strategic Generosity with John Ruhlin.  A great interview by Rory Vaden with Ruhlin thinking through the practice of gift giving and building relationships.
  3. Economist – A cardboard centrifuge separates blood cells from plasma. Sometimes innovation can come in the simplest of forms with the most basic of materials.
  4. SG – The Quick and Dirty Guide to Creating a Winning Pitch Deck
  5. WSJ – The Most Coveted Ball in Golf Is From Costco.  Retailer pulls golf’s version of ‘Two-Buck Chuck’ from its website after surge in popularity.

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