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The Best Articles of the Week – 04/01/16

Food for Thought:

  1. TheAtlantic – The Rise of Liberal Arts in Hong Kong.  While liberal-arts curricula are on the decline in the U.S., many Asian countries believe they give university graduates the skills to succeed in a global knowledge economy.
  2. AC – Millennials Don’t Exist! Adam Conover at Deep Shift.  A millennial marketing conference asked me to give a talk on how to market to millennials. The thesis of the talk I gave: Millennials don’t exist and the entire idea of “generations” is unscientific, condescending, and stupid.
  3. HBR – You Need to Practice Being Your Future Self
  4. Slate – A Week on the Trail With the “Disgusting Reporters” Covering Donald Trump.  What it’s like to write about a candidate who hates you.
  5. NYP – This is the only acceptable time to chug beer out of a baby’s bottle. Introducing the “Dadchelor” party

  1. FastCo – Why A New Generation Of On-Demand Businesses Rejected The Uber Model.  The idea that an “Uber for X” model could fit any service proved arrogant, especially for customer-service focused startups.
  2. WashPo – Why it seems impossible to buy your first home
  3. Economist – The problem with profits.  Big firms in the United States have never had it so good. Time for more competition.
  4. Fortune – My Year in Startup H**L.  Hear the one about the unemployed middle-aged guy who tripped and fell into the new economy?
  5. WSJ – MLP Investors’ Maze of Tax Trouble Keeps Getting WorseEfforts to shield companies when times get tough could have tax consequences of their own.

  1. NYTimes – Bill Walton’s Long, Strange Tale of N.B.A. Survival.  A basketball legend looks back with surprising gratitude on a life plagued by physical agony.
  2. WSJ – Testing to Start for Computer With Chips Inspired by the Human Brain.  $1 million computer has 16 IBM microprocessors designed to mimic the way the brain works.
  3. WSJ – English Soccer’s New World Order.  As parity spreads through the Premier League, the era of the ‘Big Four’ may be coming to an end
  4. NYTimes – In Hindsight, an ‘American Psycho’ Looks a Lot Like Us
  5. WSJ – Baseball’s Latest Recruit Is an iPad.  Deal between Apple, Major League Baseball makes tablets, strategy apps available to coaches.

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