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The Best Articles of the Week – 05/20/16

Food for Thought:

  1. WSJ – Hooked:  One Family’s Ordeal with Fentanyl.  This deadly synthetic painkiller, up to 50 times as powerful as heroin, presents a new level of peril in America’s opioid crisis.
  2. WSJ – For World’s Newest Scrabble Stars, SHORT Tops SHORTER.  Nigerian players dominate tournaments with the surprising strategy of playing short words even when longer ones are possible.
  3. Tennessean – To buy or not to buy a home? For many Millennials, that’s the question.  The aftermath of the housing crisis is making it tough to live the American Dream.
  4. NYTimes – How I Learned to Love Snapchat
  5. Slate – Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Is the Top-Selling Book for Graduates. Too Bad It Doesn’t Offer Great Advice

  1. WSJ – New From Credit Suisse: Bonds for Self-Inflicted Catastrophes.  The deal is a first-of-its-kind twist on the ‘catastrophe bonds’ that insurers have used for years to lay off risk of natural disasters.
  2. WSJ – Fees That Sickly Public-Pension Funds Can’t Afford. Illinois paid hedge-fund managers $180 million over three years, with underwhelming results.
  3. CIO – The Yale (and Harvard, Stanford, MIT…) ModelElite endowments don’t have a “secret recipe” for high returns, but rely on riskier assets for outperformance, according to a paper.
  4. WSJ – Helping Bosses Decode Millennials—for $20,000 an Hour.  Upstart ‘millennial experts’ aim to help companies stem turnover and ensure young employees’ happiness at work.
  5. WSJ – The World’s Safest Bonds Are Actually Wild Risks.  See how government-bond prices could move if interest rates change, using our interactive calculator.

  1. Racked – The Death of the Great American Sporting Goods Store.  Why are retailers like Sports Authority in so much trouble?
  2. WSJ – Golfers Join the Rest of World, Use Data.   Danny Willett and Bryson DeChambeau lead a crop of pros using analytics to their advantage on the course.
  3. WSJ – Videogames So Tough They Teach You to Win in Real Life.  Punishingly difficult ‘masocore’ games, such as ‘Dark Souls III,’ can instill such practical virtues as patience, persistence and the value of work.
  4. WSJ – Google Isn’t Playing Games With New Chip.  Built in secret, Tensor Processing Unit has strategic role in speeding up artificial intelligence.
  5. BI – This college student 3D printed his own plastic braces for $60 — and they actually fixed his teeth

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