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The Best Articles of the Week – 05/27/16

Food for Thought:

  1. GQ – Bill Clinton’s Big Moment: His Health, His Battle Plan for Trump, and What He’ll Do if Hillary Wins.  At 69, Bill Clinton is helping Hillary Clinton run her 2016 presidential campaign with the goal of becoming…what, exactly? A kind of über-veep? A chaotic meddler-in-chief? On the trail and across Washington, already there is whispering and wondering: Who is Bill Clinton these days? And who does he intend to be if he—er, if his wife—wins the White House?
  2. WSJ – Changing an NFL Team’s Name Won’t Fix Indian Schools.  Throwing federal money at them won’t help either. What is needed? Holding tribal leaders accountable.
  3. WSJ – How the West (and the Rest) Got Rich.  The Great Enrichment of the past two centuries has one primary source: the liberation of ordinary people to pursue their dreams of economic betterment.
  4. Vox – This cartoon explains how the rich got rich and the poor got poor – Credit SF
  5. Tennessean – Nashville’s dining scene explodes. It seems our appetite for new restaurants is insatiable. More than 120 restaurants opened in Nashville in 2014 and 2015, according to the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp.  USA TODAY says Nashville has the third best local food scene in the country — better than New Orleans and San Francisco.

  1. WSJ – Activist William Ackman, Valeant Investor, Tries Life as an Inside Man. After firing Valeant’s CEO, the investor has been defending the embattled drug company from outside critics
  2. Recode – Google Fiber is the most audacious part of the whole Alphabet.  Forget self-driving cars and drones. Five years later, where is Google’s broadband business going?
  3. BHI – Importance of ROIC: “Reinvestment” vs “Legacy” Moats.  The rate of return a company earns on capital invested has to be considered in light of the company’s ability to continue deploying more capital in the future at such high rates.
  4. CIO – Another Trillion Dollars for Private Equity.  Private equity assets will exceed $4 trillion in the next two years, according to a Deloitte analysis.
  5. CIO – Ex-HP CIOs on the Ideal Asset Allocation Model.  The endowment model is in need of a new asset allocation framework, and two former Hewlett-Packard CIOs know how to fix it.  “Asset allocation decisions have more impact on future investment results than any other single choice that an investor can make,” the authors argued in a paper.

  1. GP – Why do Tourbillons Cost a Small Fortune.  It has been proven that tourbillons are not any more accurate than a traditional escapement on a wristwatch, and are in some cases even less so.  So why do they still persist and at such high price points?
  2. WSJ – How Bugs Bunny and ‘Kill the Wabbit’ Inspired a Generation of Opera Stars
  3. TheAtlantic – The Plan to Avert Our Post-Antibiotic Apocalypse.  A new report estimates that by 2050, drug-resistant infections will kill one person every three seconds, unless the world’s governments take drastic steps now.
  4. WSJ – Can You Carbo-Load Your Way to Good Health?.  A revolution is afoot in bakeries across the country. With highly processed flour giving way to freshly milled whole grains rich in nutrients as well as flavor, it might just be OK to love bread again.
  5. Hodinkee – John Mayer And Ben Clymer Discuss The New Rolex Daytona As Early Owners – I know, two watch articles in one week.  But here’s a look at Rolex’s new Daytona.

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