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The Best Articles of the Week – 06/10/16

Food for Thought:

  1. TBT – At Tampa Bay farm-to-table restaurants, you’re being fed fiction.  With the tagline “Local, simple and honest,” Boca Kitchen Bar Market was among the first wave of farm-to-table restaurants in Tampa Bay to make the assertion “we use local products whenever possible.” But I’ve been had, from the snapper down to the beef.
  2. MMM – Happiness is the Only Logical Pursuit.  It’s a poor gamble to try to solve all of life’s problems with prescription medication alone, when you can get more consistent and powerful happiness by going out and enjoying life in the real world. When deciding how to make the most of this, it is usually helpful to look at the surprisingly insightful triangle known as Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
  3. NPR – Practice Makes Possible: What We Learn By Studying Amazing Kids  What made Mozart great? Or Bobby Fischer? Or Serena Williams?
  4. WaPo – 13, right now.  This is what it’s like to grow up in the age of likes, lols and longing
  5. WSJ – Why America’s Best Golf Prospect May Never Turn Pro.  Maverick McNealy—Stanford star and son of Sun Microsystems’ co-founder—is not certain that pro golf is what he wants to do with his life.

  1. WSJ – Saudi Aramco IPO: The Biggest Fee Event in Wall Street History.  The IPO of the state-owned oil giant could generate as much as $1 billion in fees.
  2. WSJ – REIT Surprise: How Real Estate Crushed the Stock Pickers.  Real-estate investment trusts are the best-performing asset class in the market in the past 15 years.
  3. BusinessWeek – Sixty Million Car Bombs – Inside Takata’s Air Bag Crisis. How the company’s failures led to lethal products and the biggest auto recall in history.
  4. WSJ – Why Aren’t Low Rates Working? Blame Dividends.  Since the Federal Reserve took rates to near zero, companies have boosted buybacks 194%.
  5. WSJ – Cadillac Bets on Virtual Dealerships.  A portion of stores for GM’s luxury division will become showrooms with virtual-reality headsets and no cars.

  1. Stratechery – The Future of Podcasting
  2. BoF – #Menswear is Dead. What’s Next?. The meme-driven movement may have peaked, but it helped to birth the style-savvy male consumer on which the fashion industry is betting big as overall luxury growth slows.
  3. WSJ – Ranking the Resale Value of Designer Fashion Labels.  Brands including Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Chanel tend to maintain their value; what is that used bag worth?
  4. WSJ – Is Your Child Coding Yet? New Building Blocks Teach Programming Basics.  Children can use plastic Osmo Coding blocks to command a cute character on an iPad screen.
  5. NYP – If you hate folding laundry, this $850 machine is for you

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