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The Best Articles of the Week – 07/08/16

Food for Thought:

  1. NYT – Marie Kondo and the Ruthless War on Stuff.  The author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is embarking on a new venture: training an army of emissaries to declutter the American home.
  2. Linkedin – 25 Years of Learning and Laughing with Warren Buffett.  Bill Gates reflects on his unlikely friendship.
  3. WSJ – The Scandal of K-12 Education.  Another school year over, another lost opportunity for millions of students. Minorities suffer the most.
  4. QZ – What you read matters more than you might think
  5. NYP – This man punched a bear in the face — and lived – Credit SB

  1. WIC – Be Wary of the Consensus.  The first half of 2016 proved yet again investors can expect the unexpected.
  2. ET – When Narratives Go Bad.  In 2008, the $10 trillion asset class of residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS) was entirely based on the Common Knowledge that it was impossible to have a nationwide decline in U.S. home prices. In 2016, the $10 trillion asset class of negative rate sovereign bonds is entirely based on the Common Knowledge that there is no limit to the greater foolishness of Central Banks.
  3. Fortune – Who Will Build the Next Great Car Company?.  Silicon Valley and Detroit are in a race to create our driverless future. And for the first time ever, the car may take a backseat.
  4. BI – Interview with Warren Buffett’s investment manager Ted Weschler: The recipe for financial success
  5. Bloomberg – Henry Kravis Q&A: ‘Worry About What You Might Lose on the Downside’ – Credit DH

  1. WashPo – Six maps that will make you rethink the world
  2. NYT – Garrison Keillor Turns Out the Lights on Lake Wobegon
  3. ARST – Here’s what might be happening to your feet when you run in shoes.  Study tracking runners’ steps found sneakers make certain muscles work harder.
  4. GuardianUK – Chatbot lawyer overturns 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York.  Free service DoNotPay helps appeal over $4m in parking fines in just 21 months, but is just the tip of the legal AI iceberg for its 19-year-old creator.
  5. Wired – Kids are Master Manipulators – so use Game Theory Against Them
Interesting Podcasts:

Some of the best new content is on podcasts – just find the Podcast app preloaded on your iPhone to enjoy.  Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Revisionist History – Carlos Doesn’t Remember.  Carlos is a brilliant student from South Los Angeles. He attends an exclusive private school on a academic scholarship. He is the kind of person the American meritocracy is supposed to reward. But in the hidden details of his life lies a cautionary tale about how hard it is to rise from the bottom to the top—and why the American school system, despite its best efforts, continues to leave an extraordinary amount of talent on the table.
  2. A16Z – Fintech Revolution or Evolution.  How far along are we towards the vision of a “cashless, cardless, walletless, frictionless future” for fintech? We’re not quite there yet, argued BuzzFeed News technology reporter Charlie Warzel in a recent story — for which he got a microchip implanted in his finger while trying to go cashless for an entire month.
  3. ATK – The New Science of BBQ.  An interview with Meathead Goldwyn. Meathead is the editor of He calls himself a Barbecue Whisperer, a Hedonism Evangelist, and a Culinary Mythbuster. We chat about his new book, Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling, and learn all the secrets to becoming a grill master.

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