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The Week’s Best Articles – 09/09/16

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Food for Thought:

  1. VF – How Elizabeth Holmes’s House of Cards Came Tumbling Down.  In a searing investigation into the once lauded biotech start-up Theranos, Nick Bilton discovers that its precocious founder defied medical experts—even her own chief scientist—about the veracity of its now discredited blood-testing technology. She built a corporation based on secrecy in the hope that she could still pull it off. Then, it all fell apart.
  2. NewYorker – Pete Wells Has His Knives Out.  How the New York Times critic writes the reviews that make and break restaurants.
  3. WSJ – Pablo Escobar’s Son Tries to Make Amends.  A child of the drug lord is now a motivational speaker, sharing lessons from a bizarre boyhood and offering apologies to drug-war victims.
  4. WashPo – This mayor has an incredibly simple idea to help the homeless. And it seems to be working.
  5. NYT – What’s Really Missing From the New iPhone: Cutting-Edge Design


  1. TheAtlantic – The Life-Changing Magic of Turning Employees Into Shareholders. When workers own shares of their companies’ stock, business is better, pay is higher, and job satisfaction soars.
  2. HuffPo – Maximize Your Largest Source of Wealth This Labor Day
  3. WSJ – Chinese Billionaire Linked to Giant Aluminum Stockpile in Mexican Desert.  Two years ago, a California aluminum executive commissioned a pilot to fly over the Mexican town of San José Iturbide, at the foot of the Sierra Gorda mountains, and snap aerial photos of a remote desert factory. He made a startling discovery. Nearly one million metric tons of aluminum sat neatly stacked behind a fortress of barbed-wire fences. The stockpile, worth some $2 billion and representing roughly 6% of the world’s total inventory.
  4. BusinessWeek – How the Vanguard Effect Adds Up to $1 Trillion – Credit SB –
  5. RCM – 10 Lessons From 10 Years In the Trenches – Credit SF – Jason Trennert, founder of Wall Street firm Strategas, reflects on the first 10 years in business.


  1. Medium – 0 to $640M: Non-obvious Lessons Learned at BrightRoll
  2. Gizmodo – All of the Creepy Things Facebook Knows About You
  3. 538 – The Ultimate Guide To How Much To Spend On Wedding Gifts
  4. BusinessWeek – The Sloppy Battle for the Future of Craft Rye.  Raj Bhakta turned Whistlepig into a premier rye whiskey by selling it as a small-batch American pastoral. Now he wants to make good on the marketing in Vermont. But his partners want him out.
  5. NYMag – Fashion Week Contrasts: Tom Ford’s Grown-up Innovation and Kanye’s Carelessness

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