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The Week’s Best Articles – 10/07/16

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Food for Thought:

  1. PS – Why ’80s Babies Are Different Than Other Millennials.  Anyone born in the late ’70s or early ’80s probably has memories of huddling around a bulky desktop with five (or more) friends to play Oregon Trail. This article discusses what life was like for that generation who grew up at the cusp of modern technology.
  2. HBR – How to Maintain Your Professional Network Over the Years
  3. IWTYTBR – How to give advice that people actually take
  4. BTT – Are You Taking The False First Step?  Don’t let buying something be the action you take towards accomplishing your goal.
  5. BizWeek – Kalamazoo Asks the Rich for Donations Instead of Hiking Taxes.  Wealthy residents are promising to build a $500 million endowment to help the city cut taxes and attract more growth.


Woodmont Original:

Market Highs Absent the Euphoria.  Equity investors entered 2016 with low expectations. Nine months later, markets are just shy of all-time highs.  Yet, despite these gains, Wall Street and most investors are far from euphoric.  Love or hate this bull market, the question is “What to do from here?”


  1. Stratechery – Google and the Limits of Strategy.  How does a company predicated on monetizing searches through advertising transition to a voice-driven world powered by AI?
  2. NYT – MailChimp and the Un-Silicon Valley Way to Make It as a Start-Up.  No venture capital, no Bay Area presence, no crazy burn rate: MailChimp’s founders built the company slowly by anticipating customers’ needs and following their instincts.
  3. WSJ – The Doubts of Alan Greenspan. Far from believing that markets were self-correcting, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve agonized about their instability long before the financial crisis.
  4. BizWeek – Greece’s Least Wanted Man Lives in Maryland.  Andreas Georgiou fixed the country’s fake stats, now he faces criminal charges.
  5. Taleb – Foreword to Ed Thorp’s Memoirs (A Man for All Markets).  Ed Thorp memoirs read like a thriller –mixing wearable computers that would have made James Bond proud, shady characters, great scientists and poisoning attempts (in addition to the sabotage of Ed’s car so he would have an “accident” in the desert)


  1. NYT – Cubs’ Theo Epstein Is Making Lightning Strike Twice
  2. WSJ – Nonprofit Boards Offer Career Boosts for Executives.  Directorships help strengthen leadership skills and connections with high-powered players.
  3. Time – The Science of Why We Buy Clothes We Never Wear
  4. Economist – Burnt offering.  How to read an old scroll without opening it.
  5. Slate – Do Driverless Cars Favor Urban or Suburban Life?

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