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The Week’s Best Articles – 11/11/16

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Given this week’s events – this is a good word for us all (Thanks AJ/JM) –

When speaking with someone who may passionately disagree with you:

  • Ask – What has happened in your life to make you feel this way? What led you to these conclusions?
  • Listen –  For a long time.
  • Validate emotions –  “That sounds frustrating. I can imagine why you might feel that way”
  • Wait – For the natural turn in conversation to share your experiences and thoughts and feelings.

Food for Thought:

  1. FB – Mike Rowe’s Thoughts on the Election.  There have been a million articles/posts/comments shared across a wide range of views/emotions/backgrounds, Mike Rowe, host of Discovery’s Dirty Jobs, I think strikes a thoughtful middle of the road tone here.  This is a Facebook post, so you may have to click ‘See More’ to read the full post.
  2. WSJ – The Smart Way to Argue With Your Young Teen.  Disagreements are a sign of growing maturity, but parents need to walk a fine line to maintain their authority without getting tuned out.
  3. NYT – Schools That Work – Credit DH
  4. WSJ – How Blockchain Will Change Your Life.  The technology behind Bitcoin has potential that goes way beyond finance.
  5. BBC – Iguana vs Snakes – Planet Earth II – Credit JC – The message here, never stop hustling.

Original Content:


  1. NYT – The Money Management Gospel of Yale’s Endowment Guru – Credit WES
  2. LinkedIn – What Every CEO Can Learn From Nashville
  3. Stratechery – Why Twitter Must Be Saved
  4. WSJ – Latest Robots Lend a Helping Arm at Factories.  Manufacturers like Whirlpool, GM and Boeing reshape their plant floors with ‘collaborative’ robots.
  5. Coveteur – Bonobos’ Andy Dunn Has Discovered the Future of Retail


  1. PM – A Trunk Full of Truffles. Truffles are one of the most expensive, sought-after foods on earth. Frankly, we don’t get it. They’re a fungus that smells like dirty socks.
  2. NYP – Has NASA created a ‘warp drive’ engine?
  3. VanityFair – The Staggering Price Tag on Safety in the Modern Celebrity World.  From Kim Kardashian West to Brad Pitt, what stars are willing to pay for peace of mind is almost unthinkable.
  4. FastCo – Why Danny Meyer Employees Never Say “No Problem”  Hospitality has to be authentic and on-brand.
  5. NYP – Paralyzed people might walk again with this brain implant


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