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The Week’s Best Articles – 11/23/16

15 awesome articles to start your weekend

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Food for Thought:

  1. Vanity Fair – How Two Trailblazing Psychologists Turned the World of Decision Science Upside Down.  After his book Moneyball became a best-seller, Michael Lewis learned that many of the ideas it presented to the general public had actually been introduced decades earlier by a pair of Israeli psychologists: Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. In an adaptation from his new book, Lewis investigates their story, and the intense bond between these radically different men.
  2. BusinessWeek – Affluenza Anonymous: Rehab for the Young, Rich, and Addicted.  It’s easy to sneer, but maybe there’s something to the premise that wealthy kids have a particular set of mental health and addiction problems.
  3. Bloomberg – Inside a Moneymaking Machine Like No Other.  The Medallion Fund, an employees-only offering for the quants at Renaissance Technologies, is the blackest box in all of finance.
  4. WSJ – Trump’s Win Has Ad Agencies Rethink How They Collect Data, Recruit staff.  Trump’s win spurs concerns that ad agencies are out of touch with consumers.
  5. GP – You Will Fall in Love with the Airstream Basecamp

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