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The Week’s Best Articles – 12/09/16

15 awesome articles to start your weekend

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Food for Thought:

  1. NYT – How to Hide $400 Million.  When a wealthy businessman set out to divorce his wife, their fortune vanished.
  2. NYTimes – The American Dream, Quantified at Last
  3. WSJ – Trump as Lady Gaga. FoF is firmly apolitical, but political strategy remains of interest.  Trump is a political performance artist, challenging what we think is normal.
  4. BusinessWeek – Confessions of an Instagram Influencer.  I used to post cat photos. Then a marketing agency made me a star.
  5. Eater – The Prophet of the Soil.  Dan Barber’s Blue Hill at Stone Barns is the best restaurant in America


  1. WSJ – Fast Fashion: How a Zara Coat Went From Design to Fifth Avenue in 25 Days.  Few have been able to replicate the design-to-store pace that has made Inditex the sales leader
  2. CIO – Is the Yale Model Broken?  Declining returns and current market conditions have some questioning the infallibility of the endowment model—pioneered and perfected by David Swensen—and looking to reinvent.
  3. BusinessWeek – Big Data Reveals the Real Picture of China’s Economy, but Can It Survive?
  4. NYT – Simplify Your Message, and Repeat Often  – Credit DH –
  5. LinkedIn – The career advice I wish I had at 25


  1. Economist – Siemens and General Electric gear up for the internet of things.  The American industrial giant is sprinting towards its goal. The German firm is taking a more deliberate approach
  2. Ringer – San Francisco’s — Er, Santa Clara’s Billion-Dollar Blunder.  It’s one thing to build an expensive stadium with taxpayer money. It’s another thing to build a stadium that no one likes.
  3. Racked – In Defense of Dansko Clogs, the Most Polarizing Shoe.  The fashion world has embraced Tevas and Crocs, but not Danskos — and that’s okay with me.
  4. NYP – Sofía Vergara sued by her own embryos.  This is fascinating from a purely legal perspective.
  5. Slate – When Good Placemakers Go Bad.  George Leonidas Leslie was perhaps the most sensational—and successful—criminal in American history. An architect by training, he planned and pulled off a series of record-breaking bank robberies throughout the late 1800s and arguably ushered in the modern heist.

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