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The Week’s Best Articles – 12/23/16

15 awesome articles to start your weekend

Food for Thought:

  1. Cal Newport – On Digital Minimalism.  How do we decide what digital services to give our valuable attention to?
  2. WSJ – The U.S.S.R. Fell—and the World Fell Asleep – Garry Kasparov reflects on the status of the Russian State.
  3. GW – Mental Models I Find Repeatedly Useful.  Finding a truly new idea is tough.  Here’s a great list of some of the seminal ideas and concepts of the modern age.
  4. WIC – Giving Beyond the Holidays — How Much Should I Leave to My Kids and Grandkids?  “I want to leave to my children enough money so that they would feel they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing.” – Warren Buffett
  5. WP – The Elf on the Shelf is preparing your child to live in a future police state, professor warns.


  1. NC – Is a Big Change Underway in Global Capitalism?.  – Credit JC – An interview with hedge fund manager, Jim Chanos.
  2. Medium – A Roadmap for a World Without Drivers.  – Credit SD –   A thoughtful and balanced work on how autonomous vehicles are likely to be adopted.
  3. WSJ – Look Who’s Back! Microsoft, Rebooted, Emerges as a Tech Leader. After years of missteps, the software giant is among the few titans of the 1990s to figure out the post-desktop world.
  4. NYT – Hedge Fund Math: Heads We Win, Tails You Lose
  5. WSJ – Coach Designs Strategy to Stop Getting Beaten at Its Own GameLuxury handbag maker hired a new executive creative director, closed some stores and cut back on discounts—and it is starting to pay off.


  1. VanityFair – How a Grad Student Found Spyware that Could Control Anybody’s iPhone From Anywhere in the World.  Last summer, Bill Marczak stumbled across a program that could spy on your iPhone’s contact list and messages—and even record your calls. Illuminating shadowy firms that sell spyware to corrupt governments across the globe, Marczak’s story reveals the new arena of cyber-warfare.
  2. ESPN – Using former players in practice is latest way Alabama stays ahead of curve.  Saban simply tries harder and thinks more creatively than the rest .
  3. Bloomberg – LaGuardia’s Redesign Will Lift You Above Ceilings That Don’t Leak.  Call me cautiously optimistic that the worst airport in the country may actually get better.
  4. EnGadget – Ebola vaccine proves 100 percent effective in Guinea trial
  5. NYP – ‘Rogue One’ proves stars don’t have to be alive to still be on the screen

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