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The Week’s Top Articles – 02/19/16

Food for Thought:



  • WSJ – A Private-Jet Primer.  How to fly in style and look like a pro while doing so.
  • WSJ – The Ignominy of Aston Villa.  The worst English soccer teams get dropped to a lower division each year.  There is one American learning this lesson right now: Randy Lerner. Lerner is the American majority-owner of Aston Villa. He also used to be the owner of the Cleveland Browns
  • NYT – The Commute of the Future? Ford Is Working on It
  • WSJ – Solutions for Stressed-Out High-School Students.   With growing evidence that students are suffering from the intense competition for college admission, schools around the country are rethinking everything from tests to classes to start times.
  • The Atlantic – The Math Revolution. – Credit TP –  The number of American teens who excel at advanced math has surged. Why?

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