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The Week’s Top Articles – 02/26/16


Food for Thought:



  • GQ –  Project Upgrade: Better Suit, Better Body.  We’re always hearing from guys who want THE GQ LOOK but worry they can’t pull it off because they’re not fashion models. Friends, who is a fashion model? We’ve all got oversize thighs or craft-beer guts or height issues. Fortunately, a well-tailored suit can celebrate your strong parts and disguise your soft zones. To prove it, we got six real guys into the best shape of their lives through nothing but the magic of tailoring
  • WSJ – The Best Temperature for a Good Night’s Sleep.  Light and time aren’t as important as temperature, new research shows.
  • WSJ – How Economists Would Wage the War on Drugs.  The monstrous cartels that run the narcotics business face the same dilemmas as ordinary firms—and have the same weaknesses.
  • DM – Evolution of the Porsche 911


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