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The Week’s Top Articles – 03/04/16


Food for Thought:

  • NYTimes – The Governing Cancer of Our Time.  We live in a big, diverse society. There are essentially two ways to maintain order and get things done in such a society — politics or some form of dictatorship. Either through compromise or brute force. Our founding fathers chose politics.
  • NYTimes – What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team.  New research reveals surprising truths about why some work groups thrive and others falter.
  • TRB – Abundance.  The only way to save the economy is to crash it. There’s too much of everything and it’s not good for anyone. It’s hurting everyone. Paradoxically, abundance is now the enemy. This sets us apart from virtually every other society throughout history. You can blame the Federal Reserve’s loose money policies if you’d like. There is over-investment in every industry. It’s killing confidence. Nothing is worth what it used to be. We haven’t adjusted to this reality yet.
  • Medium – Memory athlete Simon Reinhard on the “almost magic” of the brain
  • WSJ – Santiago Calatrava’s Long-Awaited World Trade Center Hub.  The architect on the opening of his biggest U.S. project yet: New York’s World Trade Center Transportation Hub, which took more than 10 years and nearly $4 billion to complete.
  • Ghostbusters The Official Trailer Released – Who you gonna call?





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