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The Week’s Top Articles – 03/11/16

Food for Thought:

  • Medium – Why every father should bring his toddler out for a mini adventure.  Sometime late last year, I found some spare time in my work schedule. My daughter was slightly more than 2 years old, and I noticed her awareness of her world has gotten more astute. I always have this desire of imparting my experience and knowledge to her, and the best way in my opinion isn’t telling her, but to show her the world myself.
  • CT – Your Spiritual Crisis Has 214 Likes.  Regardless of your faith background or religious practice, this interesting piece dissects impact of social networks on the process of individuation as young adults grapple with the ‘eternal questions of life.’  Roughly speaking, what would St. Augustine have been like if he had a blog?
  • Medium – “Will this be on the test?”  The first generation of online learning came with a lot of hype but didn’t fully deliver on its promise. What does the future hold?
  • WSJ – Late-Night Redefined: James Corden.  A year ago, the host of ‘The Late Late Show’ was well-known only among Brits and Broadway theater junkies. Now James Corden’s YouTube-friendly comedy is blowing up the Internet.
  • Medium – What Are You Going to Do to Make Sure My Son Gets Into Harvard?  I didn’t write the title of this post. In fact, no one wrote the title. I overheard it at my previous school during a parent’s event some time toward the beginning of the school year. And it came from the parent of a first grader.
  • ETR – 10-3-2-1-0 Formula to Get More Done.


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