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The Week’s Top Articles – 07/03/15

Food for Thought:



  • TED – The forgotten history of autism.  Decades ago, few pediatricians had heard of autism. In 1975, 1 in 5,000 kids was estimated to have it. Today, 1 in 68 is on the autism spectrum. What caused this steep rise?
  • Stanford – The Butterfly Effect.  What happens when your skin is too fragile to touch?
  • WSJ – The Madness of Descent Downhills at the Tour de France Test Cyclists Against Time, Danger and One Another
  • WSJ – Women’s World Cup: Why the U.S. Wins.  While it helps to be from a big, rich country, the secret to the success of Carli Lloyd and the Americans is simple: years of hard work.
  • WSJ – Dating Again at 88.  William Beck recently enrolled in his nursing home’s dating service – a rapidly growing new service for seniors.

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