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The Week’s Top Articles – 07/10/15

Food for Thought:



  • Bloomberg – The Mob’s IT Department.  How two technology consultants helped drug traffickers hack the Port of Antwerp.
  • WSJ – The Coder Who Encrypted Your Texts Dreadlocked programmer has spooked the FBI by creating a tool that police can’t crack.
  • WSJ – Ian McKellen Is a 93-Year-Old Sherlock in ‘Mr. Holmes’ A new film imagines the sleuth as an aged and slightly faltering investigator trying to deduce (and remember) how a 30-year-old case ended his career.
  • The Atlantic – The Ennui of the Fitbit Some people wear their fitness trackers regularly, relying on them to get, and stay, in shape. Many others, however, abandon them, consigning them to junk drawers, obliging relatives, and the junk drawers of obliging relatives.

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