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The Week’s Top Articles – 08/12/16

Food for Thought:

  1. Medium – A Letter to My Daughter About Young Men
  2. TSS – Intellectuals are Freaks Why professors, pundits, and policy wonks misunderstand the world.
  3. ESPN – How the U.S. swimmers took over Rio with a true team effort
  4. NYT – Jonah Hill Is No Joke.  He’s proved himself as a dramatic actor. Why isn’t he taken seriously?
  5. Jalopnik – Watch These Super Effective Pokémon Go Van Assaults.  In Basel, Switzerland, three people dressed in Pikachu costumes traveled around the city throwing enormous Poké Balls at pedestrians.


  1. Stratechery – The Audacity of Copying Well. You don’t have to invent the iphone to make an excellent smart phone.
  2. BusinessWeek – An Accounting Giant on Keeping Millennial Employees Happy.  Seventy-five percent of our people are millennials, and the median age of an employee at Ernst and Young—believe it or not—is 29 years old.
  3. ZH – One Year Later, This Is What Would Prompt Another “Risk-Parity” Blow Up.  With $400bn in this same strategy, a modest decline in equities and fixed income could lead to a massive forced de-risking of capital.
  4. WSJ – The Insurance Industry Has Been Turned Upside Down by Catastrophe Bonds.  Investors are flocking to securities that shield the risks of hurricanes, pandemics and hackers; reinsurers are suffering.
  5. MW – Pioneer of smart-beta investing warns strategy is being abused


  1. NYP – Equipment failure exposes Nike’s absurd Tiger Woods lie
  2. FB – The 5 Stages Of Menswear. Personal style is built through trial and error. Jamie Millar recounts his many missteps – and what every man can learn from them.
  3. WSJ – Think You Bought Red Snapper? Don’t Be So Sure.  Beware of fish fraud: The supply chain for seafood is opaque, and most white-fleshed fish looks similar when filleted.
  4. SM – Runner Adopts Stray Dog Who Ran 77 Miles With Him During Extreme Marathon
  5. NYT – The Typical American Lives Only 18 Miles From Mom

Interesting Podcasts:
No new recommendations again this week, as I am knee deep in listening to Charles Duhigg’s Smarter Faster Better:  The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business.

At the core of Smarter Faster Better are eight key productivity concepts—from motivation and goal setting to focus and decision making—that explain why some people and companies get so much done. Drawing on the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral economics—as well as the experiences of CEOs, educational reformers, four-star generals, FBI agents, airplane pilots, and Broadway songwriters—this painstakingly researched book explains that the most productive people, companies, and organizations don’t merely act differently. They view the world, and their choices, in profoundly different ways.

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